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Window Art

Every so often we have our windows painted by Sharon Sunday. Window paintings help bring a fun atmosphere to our services and look great in the process. Here are our current and some of our past window paintings.

Winter 2015-16

Winter 2016-17

Fall 2017

Winter 2017-18

Tax Season 2018

Summer 2018 

Spring 2019 

Sharon Painting the Spring window 

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Open House


We're finished moving! Our office is permanently moved six doors down. If you'd like, take a look at the progress pictures of the move down below.

To celebrate our new office space, we are hosting an Open House event. On Wednesday, October 24th, stop in from 4:00 to 6:00 PM to visit and have some light refreshments. Be sure to come to our new location, 511 E Michigan Ave.

Construction Progress

6/1/18 - 9/1/18

In case you didn't know yet, we're moving offices! Our current location at 537 E Michigan Ave will soon be replaced by 511. We expect the construction will be completed sometime in September. Until then, enjoy some pictures of the process.

Phase 1: Planning

We started work on the new office on June 1st. The proposed floor plan has been laid down with tape, and any sections that are to be removed are marked. Because some of the existing walls intersect with our proposed offices and hallways, they will be demolished shortly. Another problem was the large, load-bearing pillar that occupies the mid-back area. Luckily we've managed to plan around it. After this phase is complete, it's on to demolition.

Phase 2: Demolition

The next phase is under way. We've started the demo, torn up the carpet, and removed the ceiling. Some additional walls may be removed in the near future.

Phase 3: New Walls

After a few more excess walls were removed, we had the frames for our new walls put in. For months, we've been planning the best layout for the office. The hallway and the reception area are now at least twice as wide as they were before, allowing for more comfortable transportation. Our offices are also larger.

Phase 4: Drywall

The once-hollow walls are solid now. At this point, the office is in its final stages of completion. Lights and electrical were installed as well, and very soon the walls will be painted.

Phase 5: Carpet and Paint

We now have something to walk on. The carpet is set, along with the moulding and trim. Similarly, the bathroom floor is laid now. Speaking of bathrooms, we now have two! Wait times will now be non-existent.

Shred Party!


Wednesday's Shred Party was a success. From 4-6, we shredded old documents and ate delicious shredded foods and refreshments. Thank you everyone who came!